Our Approach

Every case and matter is unique. Our experience and creativity enable us to tackle the wide range of issues that arise in the business and legal contexts.  Equally important is the ability to craft and implement unique strategies that can successfully further our client’s interests. Developing the winning case-specific strategy depends first upon ensuring that we and our client are working as a team from the very beginning.

We partner with clients to develop a case-specific plan of action in pursuit of the established goals. Initial deep dive strategy sessions, weekly scheduled team calls, impromptu check ins, in-person and virtual meetings—these are just some of the ways we stay in touch with our clients to work together as a single unit. While each matter is different and will require differing levels of interaction, one constant defines our relationships—ongoing communication and listening to the client’s needs, which necessarily shape the legal pursuit.

We recognize that no two companies are exactly the same. And no two cases are identical. Just as our approach to each case depends on the client’s business and legal goals, our financial arrangements are also flexible and custom-fit for each situation. Our fee schedule is completely dependent on the client’s needs for each particular representation. For clients that prefer a standard billable hour format, we are happy to accommodate. But many of our clients prefer an alternative arrangement, such as contingency fees (where we take on risk alongside our clients), fixed fee arrangements (to provide certainty to the costs of a matter), or some combination among several options. We are also open to novel billing arrangements designed by our clients—we are always interested in exploring new and innovative ways to provide excellent legal representation that fits within the budgetary needs of the client. We also have excellent relationships with top litigation funders, allowing companies to offset some of their legal expenses so that those costs do not impact business budgets. Litigation funding is not for everyone, but we are pleased to offer introductions for clients that are interested in discussing the opportunities.